My kiddos created their own notebook during our weeklong study on money.  Each child was given a worksheet and a coin, then they were instructed on how to create a overlay sketch of the coin.  With time, their sketches became neater and more defined.  This is a great activity for children so they may see the differences and details in each coin.  Below, you will find a poem/chant for each coin. 

Money Booklet

    Before we started each sketch activity, the children would do an investigation using magnifying glasses, an information booklet, and peer discussion.  The magnifying glasses were hard to manipulate at first, but one student found an easier way to look at each coin.  It is amazing how our little ones can use their problem solving skills to aid them in their studies.

Penny Poem

    A great tip when teaching the nickel is to ask the students how it feels around the edges.  A nickel is completely smooth on the rim, making it easier for the students to identify.  Yes, Monticello is a hard word to say.  With that being said, it was incorporated into the chant because Monticello is Thomas Jefferson’s home.  Do you see anything in his home? NO!  So students are able to distinguish the difference between his home and the Lincoln Memorial, that contains Abraham Lincoln inside.  Nickel Poem 2Dime PoemQuarter Jive

by Keeley