Letters and the Sounds They Make

a-a-a is Abby, Abby, Abby,

a-a-a is A. Abby is sad.

b-b-b is baby, baby, baby,

b-b-b is B. Waaahhh!

c-c-c is cat, cat, cat,

c-c-c is C. Meooww!

d-d-d is dog, dog, dog,

d-d-d is D. Woof!

e-e-e is Eddie, Eddie, Eddie,

e-e-e is E. Eddie loves his teddy!

f-f-f is frog, frog, frog,

f-f-f is F. Ribbit – ribbit!

g-g-g is goat, goat, goat,

g-g-g is G. Baaahhhh!

h-h-h is happy, happy, happy,

h-h-h is H. I’m happy!

I dot it. I dot it.

i-i-i is Iggy, Iggy, Iggy,

i-i-i is I. Iggy loves her wiggy!

j-j-j is jumping, jumping, jumping,

j-j-j is J. We jump, we jump, we jump!

k-k-k is kissing kangaroos,

k-k-k is K. Mmwahh!

l-l-l is lion, lion, lion,

l-l-l is L. Rooarr!

m-m-m is monster, monster, monster,

m-m-m is M. Eeeekkk!

n-n-n is nice, nice, nice,

n-n-n is N. You are nice,

you are nice, you are nice!

o-o-o is opera, opera, opera,

o-o-o is O. Oopperaa. Oopperaa!

p-p-p is popcorn, popcorn, popcorn,

p-p-p is P. More popcorn please!

q-q-q is queen, queen, queen,

q-q-q is Q. Aaahh!

r-r-r is rain, rain, rain,

r-r-r is R. No rain at recess!

s-s-s is school, school, school,

s-s-s is S. S-C-H-OO-L,

school, school, school!

t-t-t is teacher, teacher, teacher,

t-t-t is T. I love my teacher

and my teacher loves me!

u-u-u is up, up, up,

u-u-u is U. Uncle Uzzy’s umbrella!

v-v-v is violin, violin,

v-v-v is V. Vvvv- vvvv – vvvv!

w-w-w is watermelon, watermelon,

w-w-w is W. We love watermelon!

x-x-x is x-ray, x-ray,

x-x-x is X. Ex, ex, ex!

y-y-y is yacking, yacking, yacking,

y-y-y is Y. I will not yack today,

I will not yack today,

Hi-ho the dairy-o, I will not yack today!

z-z-z- is zipper, zipper, zipper,

z-z-z is Z. Zip! Zip! Zip

by Keeley